DSFWC The Sussex Stars Newsletter-February 2013 Issue - Village Improvement Association of Rehoboth Beach

DSFWC The Sussex Stars Newsletter-February 2013 Issue

Date: February 4, 2013



The Sussex Stars Newsletter

February Issue 2013
GFWC Acorn Club of Seaford, Inc.
GFWC Delmar New Century Club
The GFWC Delmar New Century Club moved forward with the Community Improvement Project by filling back packs with food for students to take home during the Christmas break. The bags were filled in the American Legion building which the club helped to renovate. Our Christmas party was catered by the Culinary Club from the High School where toiletries and slippers were collected for the women’s shelter. Fleece blankets were cut and put together for the pregnancy center and women’s shelter. Two dish gardens were given to sick members. We served Veterans refreshments at a ceremony held at the high school. The first Kids, Cooks and Books event of the year was held in January with 12 children present. Birthing kits were put together for women in underprivileged countries. We continue to update our Facebook page which we recently created.
GFWC Laurel New Century Club
April 23-Reciprocity TeaContact Suzanne Layton 302-875-7809
GFWC Milton Century Club
April 16-Reciprocity TeaContact Maryann Donnan 302-684-0368
GFWC Selbyville Community Club
Meeting Times-2nd Thursday every month- 1PM
March 16 -Selbyville Library 2PM-10th "Kids Art Show"
I am coordinating between the GFWC Selbyville Community Club and the Town of Selbyville. We are partnering with the town to launch a "Coats for Veterans" campaign for the month of December The coats will be taken to the DE Center for Homeless Veterans in Wilmington, DE for distribution to those in need.
The campaign will be advertised in two newspapers, on the town and fire hall signboards, flyers placed in public buildings throughout the town, and, of course, by GFWCSCC "word of mouth."
Dawn LeKites, Public Relations Coordinator for SCC
Village Improvement Association
On-going - sale of commemorative bricks for the new clubhouse.Contact Carol 302-226-5476.
On-going - raffle tickets on lovely quilt.Contact Barbara 302-299-0371 or delawarebarbie@gmail.com
Drawing will be held at the Art Show in May.
February 11 - Valentine Greek Dinner at Crystal's Restaurant.Contact Shirley at 302-226-1681 or
Carol at 302-226-5476 for more information.
March 2 - Chocolate Festival at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.VIA ladies will have a bake table selling goodies from the VIA cookbook and will provide cutting services for those sampling the chocolates.
March 11 - St. Patrick's Dinner at Crystal's Restaurant.Contact Shirley at 302-226-1681 or Carol at 302-226-5476 for more information.
April 6 - 3rd Annual Village Improvement Association Fashion Show to be held at Baywood Greens.This year the show will feature fashions for both men and women.Last day to purchase tickets is March 26.To purchase tickets or for more information, visit our website www.rehobothbeachvia.org and click on events or contact Marge at 302-226-2721.
May 18- Art Show at the VIA Clubhouse.More information to follow on this exciting event.
GFWC Women's Club of Indian River
GFWC Zwaanendael Women's Club
February 12-Valentine's Tea & Fashion Show Contact Muriel Pfeiffer 302-97-2640
March 16-Open House to Celebrate Women's History Month 1 to 4PM
Contact Henrietta Belcher-Stack 302-354-4102
April 13-Tulip Festival & Open House 10AM-3PM Contact-Cathie Hampshire 302-644-3416
April 16-President's Tea at the Indian River Yacht Club 12: to 3PM
Contact Muriel Pfeiffer 302-947-2640
April 30-Victorian Tea Contact Peggy Keyser 302-947-1233
**Save the Date**
February 21 GFWC DSFWC Board Meeting – Dover Sheraton
March 20-Place Brick Hotel in Georgetown for lunch at noon.
All Sussex County Clubs Public Relations Coordinators are requested to attend
May 8 thru 10th GFWC DSFWC Convention –Atlantic Sands, Rehoboth Beach more info to follow..
News Flash!-Our Vice President Henrietta will be appearing onthe Live Internet Talk Show called Catch It Livefrom 6-7:30 with Jim Weller and Collin Walls
On Your computer go to….www.catchitlive.comTime : 6:40 PM.
She will be discussing Sussex County and the DSFWC. Don't Miss It!
The Last Word--
From Sussex County Vice President Henrietta Belcher-Stack
On February 21st there will be the GFWC DSFWC Board meeting at the Sheraton Dover. This is the month to submit your reports and SHINE. If you are unable to attend please send your Club Representative and please let me know who it will be from your Club.
I was also thinking about the upcoming DSFWC State Convention and how essential it is for all of us to attend and reconnect with some of the women in other Clubs that we may not have seen for a year.With the advent of this Newsletter you are now aware of all the work that the Sussex Clubs are involved with and what projects the Club’s are doing in the community. It is so imperative to stress to the new members the importance of coming to the convention and meeting other club members. Attending the breakout session hosted by GFWC First Vice President, Sheila Shea, is all a part of the learning experience and the fun. Nothing but great ideas are shared and to miss this precious opportunity would really be a loss.
In Federation,
BJ Young
Sussex County Public Relations Coordinator