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ESO Pin1The General Federation of  Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and the Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC-DSFWC) began a chapter of the ESO Sorority in 2000 called Alpha Upsilon which the Village Improvement Association (VIA) joined in 2003. This honorary educational society is open to all paying club members to promote literacy. 

The purpose of ESO is to provide clubwomen with educational pursuits and to stimulate self-improvement.  The GFWC-DSFWC has chosen not to require books from the required reading lists issued but rather simply request that books read or listened to on tape be reported to the VIA ESO chair with the title and author listed. 

As you progress in your reading and/or listening reported to the VIA ESO chair you will be awarded certificates at the GFWC-DSFWC convention.  The first certificate is for Membership and requires sixteen reported books.  You will receive certificates as cumulative readings as follow:  40 total books reported, Star Certificate; 64 total books reported, Torch Certificate; 100 total books reported, Century Certificate; 200 total books reported and beyond, a new Century Certificate for each additional 100 books reported; 1000 total books reported, Millennium Certificate and so on.

Each year all clubs submit a count by member of reported books and a total count for the club.  Any questions will be happily explained by the current ESO Chair.  Support your club and join the ESO sorority!

To join the VIA ESO, contact the VIA ESO Chair to obtain an application form. Return this form to the VIA ESO Chair with $2, cash or check, payable to VIA with ESO on the memo line. Your name will then be forwarded to the State ESO Chair. Your $2 enrollment fee will be given to the VIA Treasurer. She will forward this money, on a quarterly basis, to the GFWC-DSFWC Treasurer. This is a lifetime membership if readings are submitted each year

Contact: Jean Brolund