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Balance Exercise Classes

Balance Exercise Classes

Below you will find links to the “Maintain Your Balance” exercise classes that were held during Winter 2021.  Additionally, a file that contains information on four important balance exercises has been included at the end of this page.

Class #1:  In our first session, Laura Michnya, owner and creative yoga teacher at Bluetail Yoga in Lewes, leads us through several posture and balance enhancing exercises.  Click here to view the video.

Class #2:  In our second Balance class, Susan Stocks focuses on how the feet correlate and contribute to balance and proprioception. She will guide us through exercises to strengthen and stretch our feet and toes. Click here to view the video.

Class #3:  In our third Balance class, Physical Therapist Eileen Kane focuses on standing balance and getting up and down off the floor as well as on how to develop these skills with strengthening and proprioceptive balance techniques.  Click here to view the video.

Class #4:  In the fourth and final Balance class, Carin Langen, owner and program director of Right Balance Pilates will lead us through Pilates inspired exercises and stretching to support healthy breathing, increased flexibility and strengthening the back of the body. Click here to view the video.

Four Balance Exercises

To access information on four exercises taught in the “Maintaining Your Balance” class, click on this  link:  Four Balance Exercises

The “Maintain Your Balance” program was provided to the VIA by…

Right Balance Pilates