Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

Increasing awareness of domestic violence is the primary goal of the Village Improvement Association’s committee on Domestic Violence.  The Committee is charged with providing opportunities for club members and the community at large to assist the understanding of this problem. Raising awareness & understanding of abuse and violence in relationships as a public health problem by supporting local and state programs particularly those in Sussex County is a priority. To this end VIA domestic violence programs are developed throughout the year to meet these goals. Many are done in conjunction with the GFWC’s recommendations in mind.  Domestic Violence includes physical, sexual, economic, emotional, psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person.  The problem effects all ages and genders.  Statistics reflect that women become the victims more often than men.  This is both nationally, in Delaware and Sussex County.  It is essential for our community to foster social norms that cultivate peace, non-violence and respect for all human beings.