Civic Engagement and Outreach encompasses efforts to improve and enrich our local and state community. We accomplish this through a variety of ways. We provide our members with education and information on good citizenship in both our local and state community, community resources to assist the senior population, collaborate with other women’s groups to provide resources and education to the local community.

The members volunteer their time to assist the homeless, provide food for the needy, clothing and household items for displaced families and thrift stores, and in a variety of local community organizations. These include Harry K Baby Pantry, Community Resource Center, the Cape Henlopen Food Basket, and Immanuel Shelter. They work with the local Rehoboth community in the International Student Outreach Program. They assist in providing food, resources and camaraderie to the students who arrive from Europe each summer to work in our resort community.

Other volunteer engagements include providing Stockings for Soldiers at the holiday season, Caring Stitchers who provide masks and other material for local clinics and hospitals, and meals for the veteran shelters, including Home of the Brave for Men and Women.

Our members are dedicated to improving the lives of those both locally and internationally.